Training project to improve the employability of young people with mental disorders in Murcia.

Project developed through the call for financial aid to projects to reinforce the Employability of young people with disabilities “ONE TO ONE” Operational Youth Employment Program of the European Social Fund 2014-2020 and Foundation Once.

This Project affects the age range of the population of people with disabilities due to severe mental disorders, where unemployment situations influence a higher percentage than other disabilities, and way above the percentages of the population without disabilities of the same age range. This situation worsens them, as far as participants have disabilities because of serious mental disorders, due to the label applied by the disease in the lives of these young people, and not only in the field of labor exclusion, if not, in the field of their social and personal relationships and therefore, in their quality of life perceived by themselves.

It is in the early stages of the disease, where more meaning and importance acquires a rehabilitative intervention, in which the different strategies of choice capacity are supported and increased, personal employability levels increase, and key competencies are acquired, before the deterioration caused by the disease causes a high level of disability.

This project aims to strengthen decision-making strategies in relation to employment in 6 young people, under 30 years of age, who have a mental disorder disability. The 6 participants of the project will be referred to it, from the public mental health units of areas I, VI and VII of the Region of Murcia, units, which are currently coordinated with the devices owned by Murcian Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation in these health areas. The sanitary groups that finally have patients incorporated into the project.

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